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Saturday, March 13, 2004

You can leave your hat on

Or take it off if it's 77 degrees

Cool - Or rather hot, just finished watching the last episode of
The Tube TV series which is being repeated on Reality TV. It rocked.

This week, we met the fabulous ex-bookie, Darren Smith, whose previous occupation obviously makes him a perfect candidate for his current role as a ticket inspector. This episode was filmed in the height of summer and Darren was none too happy about wearing his full uniform:

"My kids are going to be in a paddling pool. I'm going to be sweating me balls off in Hyde Park Corner. With a hat on!"

Although, apparently when the temperature reaches 77 degrees, LU staff are allowed to take their hats off. We saw Darren in action judging whether the fare evaders were lying or not. One guy was definitely telling "a pack of lies", whereas with another guy, Darren pronounced:

"Unless he's up for a series of Academy awards, he looked genuine to me".

The guy in the white shirt is not up for an Oscar

He then stood on the side, arms folded and assessed the guilt of a man with one of his colleagues. "Now this one's body language is all wrong. Look at him he's all defensive, suggesting he's guilty". Whereas, all Darren was guilty of, was murdering a song later on, as obviously not too camera shy, he treated us to his vocal talents.

Later on, we met another vocalist, persistent busker "Bob Marley" - this was in the days before busking got official. The station manager, who had to chase him off the premises, claimed he was nothing like his nickname:

"He's just a scruffy individual who can't sing or play his guitar. He should be taken away and shot in my opinion".

Clearly taking I shot the Sheriff far too seriously

Jeesus, I'd love to see how he handled fare evaders.

Then we had a classic "chase" through the underground of the station manager speedily walking up and down escalators, as Bob Marley moved from platform to platform in a game of cat and mouse.

"I'm gonna make them work for their money today", 'Bob' said to the camera, clearly enjoying the chase.

Tonight Matthew I'm gonna be Bob Marley

Top series, shame it's come to an end, check out Ms Sadgrove watching the SPAD tube saftey video on last week's episode.

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