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Friday, April 09, 2004

Good Friday

A Friday that's Good cos you're not on the tube

Hoorah - two week days with no commuting. Actually on Wednesday morning I realised I wasn't a real commuter. I travel in from so far out of London that I usually get a seat at the start of my journey - this is as rare as rocking horse shit for people who live in zone 2 - from where I started my journey on Wednesday morning after a sleepover at my friend's house.

From West Hampstead to Charing Cross (not my usual route at all) which involved one change on auto pilot at Baker Street (always follow the changeover instructions of a local, even if the tube map and your better instincts say change at Finchley Road) and eight stops (about twenty minutes), I did not get a seat. It felt really, really wrong.

I usually put my make up on, on the tube. You can't put your make up on when strap hanging - take my word for it, it's impossible.

I usually read a left over Metro from the seat of a District Line. Discarded Metro's here were left on the little ledges behind people's backs and seats and it was too crowded to do the yoga required to twist my arm back on itself and get one.

No chance of some of my usual
nosy photography, without taking a picture of the pores of someone's skin or the fibres of their coat.

I thanked the Lord Sony for inventing walkmans, mp3 mans, discmans or any other portable device with man at the end, as my music provided my only piece of sanity.

I seriously don't know how real commuters do this every bloody work day. God bless them, every one (ooops wrong holiday - Happy Hot Cross Bun eating - and a hip hoppy Easter Greeting found through The Big Smoker).

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