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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Ken on the Tube

He DOES use the Tube

This isn't going to be a post about Ken Livingstone talking about the Tube - although doubtless he will be this evening in the
State of London Debate, but it's me spotting Ken himself on the Tube.

We've recently moved offices and I now have the most God awful journey to get from Richmond to Barbican or Old Street. It's a mare. Today I changed at Gloucester Road to get the Circle line going clockwise. I discovered a few days ago that a platform map reckons there's only about a minute or so difference to get to the Barbican going anticlockwise. I'm not convinced, but am still in experimental mode, so did it.

I'm slightly tired and hungover, so wasn't really paying a lot of attention to anything, but at Westminster I saw a bloke with a standard issue beige raincoat and traditional umbrella, legging it for the tube. "That's Ken Livingstone", I thought, as he got onto the next carriage. This was confirmed by a handful of other people making the same connection as me and looking at him.

This was too good an opportunity to miss for a tube celeb spot, so I moved along my carriage and amazingly he was sitting a couple of seats away from me in the next carriage. It definitely was Ken, as regular visitors may remember that me and Mecca met him last year and had a chat with him. Hardly anyone in his carriage gave the mayor any attention or showed signs of recognition, apart from a guy standing up reading his report on London Transport over Ken's shoulder.

My first picture was a disaster, as waiting for the train to stop, just as I was about to snap, a woman reached over for a Metro and her arm was exactly in front of Ken's face.

D'OH get your arm out of the way luv

Second picture is better, but it is through two panes of glass. Oh yeah, he got off at Blackfriars.

Ken Livingstone on the tube sans newts

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