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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The things people talk to their partners about

What's unique about Mile End (or Liverpool Street) and how many one unders are there?

Two very weird conversations taking place between boyfriend and girlfriend, strangely both emailed to me today - (have I missed "Have a conversation about the tube with your partner Day"?)

Konstantin from
www.londonleben.co.uk emailed me with the following query:

"I overheard a conversation last night - in the tube of course. A guy said to his girlfriend "Apparently there is only one station, where you can start a journey and reach every other tube station by changing trains once only. It's Mile End."

I'm not sure about that. I believe it would work for King's Cross and Liverpool Street as well. Was he just showing off? I spent an hour today on the tube, checking the tube map and I still don't know."

I tended to agree with Konstantin in that it works for Liverpool Street too. King's Cross is a no no, as although it is the station with the most lines running through it, you would have to change twice to get onto the Waterloo and City Line. Anyone any other views?

Also in a fit of morbidity Rachel asked "How many people fall under tubes per year? How many are suicides and how many are accidents?

I reckon about one a week, and my boyfriend reckons one a day. Any idea?

I could help Rachel by finding out from tubeprune that tube driver District Dave reckons there are about 100 suicides a year. A report on the tube's website from March 2003 says there were only 9 non suicide fatalities that year - or one per 100 million customer journeys.

And I've no idea where I found this out originally but 11am is the peak hour for tube suicides and Victoria and King's Cross the most "popular" stations for them - originally from my tube facts page.

Now I hope the couples go back to arguing about more normal things like who's going to put the bins out.

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