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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Top Tube Ad

How would your boyfriend react on the tube?

Penguin do some top ads for some of their books and the one below which I saw at Piccadilly Circus today, asks us, as chicks, to see how we'd react to certain situations on the tube, to decide if our man needed training.

Cross platform underground ad for The Love Trainer

You should be able to see the questions in red but just in case you can't see the answers........ (my comments in brackets)

Your partner is staring at a woman's bare midriff opposite, what do you do?

a) pinch his fat leg till his eyes water and the girl will see what a pansy he is (nice option)
b) pull your own top up and breathe in hard (to achieve what?)
c) move to another carriage until he realises he's in trouble (not worth it you probably wouldn't get a seat)

In the rush hour a total stranger blatantly strokes your bum, how do you expect your bloke to react?

a) with a wink and a smile and a little rub of his own (which is only likely to turn the stranger on)
b) by pretending to read the map above (that would be a fairly natural yet cowardly thing to do)
c) by leaving your groper in no doubt that when the train stops, he'd better mind the gap (ex hubby would have definitely done that)

So I'd have been in a quandry with ex needing slight training.

I'm sure this ad will lead to more than a fair few arguments in itself, if couples read it together on a platform.

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