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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Where I've been for the last three days

Another DLR day tomorrow

The prospect of riding on
more driverless trains beckons tomorrow as I head off to Excel for the last time this week. I actually saw Richard Herring (comedian and big time blogger) on Wednesday and from my stand said "Richard Herring" in a way designed to sound as though I personally knew him. Apart from having had a little banner to his sponsorship page on this blog for quite some time, there's no reason at all for him to know who I am. But bless him, he stopped, as you would, I suppose, if some woman shouted out like a long lost friend. And we had a brief chat, also with his mate Tony Gardner, who now actually looked more familar than his sponsorship page picture.

However, Richard Herring's blog entry from Wednesday summed up my experience of the last three days much more adequately than I could, so here's a bit:

"The Docklands Light Railway was packed with men who looked more like the traditional image of the ostrich: very thin with wide staring eyes (whether through fear or obsession only they could tell you) and no cakes or ale in sight. They were clutching their Marathon magazines, as if in some scenario where they had arranged to meet on a blind date and used that as a means of recognition, only to arrive at the appointed hour to find everyone in the place has a Marathon magazine. "

The rest in context is here.

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