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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Do your homework guys

Mad tube driver recording now on the Tube's website

Someone (who shall remain nameless) has just sent a quiet email to me and my friend
Nik Fox who did the recording of the mad tube driver (Richie) which has been on my main site since last July, to say that "our" recording now appears on the Tube's website as part of their training - well it's how not to do an announcement in all honesty:

"For very good operational reasons, public announcements on the Underground are usually made within strict guidelines and protocols. This gem of non-standard communication comes from a member of the team in more expansive mood." say the training notes.

The emailer suggests that me and Nik should "av a word" with The Tube or rather "make polite investigations or clarifications as to who owns the rights". Interesting, but not something that I, personally, could be arsed to do. Nik may be able to get some acknowledgement though - who knows?

What I find most hysterical about this is that it's on the official site at all, and also that a little more investigation shows that some of my "tube facts" have also been "appropriated" for a quiz for their graduates. Since I made up the first "fact" they use and since fact 7 on their quiz is a well known urban legend, I think the producer of their site should have done a bit more homework rather than relying on me (of all people) as a source of all tube knowledge. Perhaps I should offer my services as a tube lecturer.

Now I wonder what else I can make them believe?

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