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Thursday, May 06, 2004

I want these!

Possibly the coolest shoes in the world (with apologies to
Pix's Shoe Project of course)

Are they baseball boots? High heeled trainers? Or simply just the coolest footwear I have so far seen on the tube?

Try running for a train in these beauties

It was really hard to get a picture of these in their full glory. As you can see the lady in question was sitting directly opposite me. She wasn't reading anything. When we both got on at Glamoursmith I was trying desparately to take a picture of her stepping across "the gap" to get into the train. My digital camera chose that moment to go in multi exposure mode - except all the exposures were shite.

When sitting opposite someone with at least three inch heels it's hard to see their heels unless they obligingly put their feet side on, or unless you lean slightly out of your seat, slightly across the guy sitting next to you and look slightly like a fool. Well the second option worked for me - particularly when cool, purple-booted woman decided she'd avoid the fidgety woman sitting opposite her and pick up a discarded Standard instead.

Speaking of Pix's Shoe Project, check our her very recent picture of some London Underground issue Doc Martens complete with Tube logo (roundel, for purists).....enjoy.

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