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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

There's always someone watching you

Anonymity doesn't exist

Again a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I can rarely stop "people watching" on the tube, but for some strange reason I seem to think that I, personally, have a cloak of invisibility when I get on public transport.

A few stops before I got off this evening, a woman sat next to me and in a really husky Eastern European accent said "How is your make up today?"

My immediate thought was that she was slightly mad, or that this was some sort of weird advertising campaign and she was going to try to sell me some of L'Oreal or Rimmel's finest.

"You're very brave, you are putting your make-up on on the tube".

Penny drops. The poor woman would have been witness to my facial grimaces each morning as I put a bit of slap on using a tiny mirror in my make up bag. "Thanks" I reply, because, well, what else is there to say.

"I need a large mirror to put my make up on and you must have a much steadier hand than me".

Considering she was in her late fifties this probably went without saying, but it would have been rude to say.

So there are watchers all around on the tube, not just me and my camera. Just remember that next time you think you're going to pick your nose, pick your teeth, or your ears or scratch your nether regions. You are NOT invisible.

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