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Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday Afternoon Fun

London Underground complaint emails

My friend Kathryn led me to a fairly bizarre and hysterical exchange of emails which started off as a general rant or "a veritable sileage heap of bile" by a "Mr Pond" to a range of companies including London Underground, Virgin Trains, Sherrif Ken, Connex, DLR and others. To their credit Ken and the London Underground were the only people who replied.

The reply from the Tube was very funny, but it appears that there was someone (Comrade Paul) in the background pulling strings, as one of the email replies had the full exchange of "not to be seen by the public" emails behind it. Comrade Paul was acting like Cyrano de Bergerac and penning the responses for Patrick Green (Paddy) in Customer Services and it makes an excellent read.

From the first curt official response "If you are disastisfied with London Underground's services I suggest you avoid using them. Perhaps you may also consider a stress management course."

It all calmed down and amazingly became quite jokey and friendly, and but from the email which should never have been seen, not only was Comrade Paul involved in writing suggested responses but a guy who calls himself Shteve (sic):

I would not encourage Mr Pond. I suspect that not only is he a homosexual, he is also a paedophile. He enters into dialogue with strangers because he sees it as validating his existence and therefore his activities......

Naturally things escalated after this email was inadvertently seen.

So if you have a spare 20 minutes -
read and weep.

Moral of the story - always check the bottom of your emails before you forward a reply to someone else.

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