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Monday, August 23, 2004

Holiday Schmoliday

So here we go then - a whole week of no Miss Mole to fill your daily diar-tary (geddit?) needs with all things tube-esque, which means that my myself and Neil get to take over for the next five days to entertain your "10 minutes on the web at lunchtime, honest" web browsing moment of the day, and (we like to think) give your life some meaning.

Whilst Annie heads up north to bonnie Scotland for a wee while on holiday, it's poignant to note that the holiday season looks finished for us southerners, as I woke up to breakfast TV news to see a weather forecast predicting rain, rain, and more rain for the rest of the week. Nice!

Following the weather forecast on the TV was the travel news, so I paid particular attention (naturally) to any tube issues in case I was affected.

Let's put it this way - I couldn't have been more affected if London Underground had rang me up personally this morning and said "Hey Geoff - which services would you like us to disrupt to make your journey into work today most problematic?", and then for me to rattle off a list of services and stations - which then did come out of the TV towards me without me having to do that!

My nearest tube station for work is currently White City. Well due to 'overrunning engineering works' there this morning, all Central Line services were subject to delay.

I also live in South London, and often go up the Wimbledon branch of the District Line - not this morning I couldn't though, as due to a signal failure, all services between Wimbledon and Putney Bridge were suspended. No matter ... I can take a train to Vauxhall and get the Victoria line, can't I? - Not today! As due to flooding, there was also no service between Brixton and Victoria.

Still ... battle to work I did, and ended up getting a District Line train where at Sloane Square I got this excellent photo of what I thought was a scandanavian looking gentlemen. And he'd hung his jacket over the handle of one of the interconnecting doors. I'd never thought of that before!

What I did think of was how the carriage was quite empty, and he stayed asleep for quite a few stops. A less discerning person might have thought "I know, i'll nick his jacket" and run out of the train with it just as the doors were closing ... but instead I just took a picture.

He was still on the train when I got off and changed at Hammersmith. I wonder where he was heading - Hanger Lane on the Central Line perhaps? (Think about it...)

More pun-tastic tube fun with Neil tomorrow, no doubt!

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