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Monday, September 20, 2004

That was just terrible

Well, now I know what it's like to be a contestant on Pop Idol.

I failed. Yep - nil points, nothing, nada, chuff. But I didn't run out of the room crying to Ant and Dec saying "I really really wanted this" in a Geordie accent.

"Regrettfully," I have been "unsuccessful on this occasion" in my attempt to get a job at LU, which has REALLY surprised me because I thought I'd done quite well in each of the four elements of the assessment day.

I don't know exactly why yet because they are going to write to me and tell me where it all went wrong. You're only told yes or no on the day, not why. We were told that even if you do badly in one element you can recover it in the other three so I either failed abysmally at something in their eyes or I was rubbish in all four and I KNOW I answered all the numeracy questions correctly and I'm sure my handwriting wasn't THAT messy. I'm of the opinion it was probably the role play because at the interview (stage four) I answered all the questions very fully and the interviewer was scribbling furiously as I spoke!

And when I do find out I probably won't tell you because I have some pride left you know!

So, if I still really want to work for LU in that particular post, I have to wait one year before I can apply again. I'll be back (and I'll know what to expect next time unless they radically change their assessment procedure).

Anyone got a job?

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