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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Notting Hill : Where everything happens

Ok, now I normally dislike posts that don't have a picture to go with them - but today I totally forget to bring my camera with me (normally have it in my pocket all the time), so did not get the chance to take a picture of any of things that I'm about to talk about! Grrrr.

I was down Notting Hill Gate this afternoon, where a funny thing happened.

Actually the point is that within the space of about 2 minutes, loads of 'typical' funny tube things happened.

Firstly, as I approach the gates, the left-handed woman in front of me does that trick where she puts her ticket in, and the gates to the side of where she's standing open up and she's all confused until I point out to her what she's done.

Secondly, just a couple of seconds later as I go through the gates behind her - a complete t*sser follows me through the barriers on my ticket, and runs off down the stairs!

Thirdly - as I get to the bottom of the steps there is a guy with a megaphone (except he's not actually using it) saying "Jesus is coming back sooner than you think!", and is handing out leaflets to people as they get to the bottom, inlcuding the LU cleaner who takes one and starts to read it!

Fourthly - I run and jump on a train that is pulling in, and as I do so, a confused tourist is saying "This train Ealing Broadway?", and everyone ignores her, so she repeats herself a couple of times until the guy nearest the door says "Naaah love - West Ruislip innit".

Fifthly - as the doors are closing, a suited type run and squeezes onto the train. Then the electronic announcer says "This train is for .. West Ruislip", at which point he looks all annoyed and looks up at the line map. "He's going the wrong way!" I think, and sure enough at Holland Park, he gets out and crosses over to the eastbound platform.

Ticket problems, doubling up, preachers, tourists and going the wrong way all in the space of two minutes! And that's why I love the tube.

I've got another Notting Hill ramble to do - about how LU complete misinform you to your possible detriment - but I'll save it until I've got my camera and can take a picture of what I want to talk about. Probably tomorrow. Until then ...

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