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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Good Service

What's the most infuriating thing when trying to travel on the tube? I reckon it's being told that there is "A good service - operating on all lines" when clearly there's not. What defines "Good service" anyway?

Good service was not happening (despite being told so) on the Bakerloo line this morning at Waterloo, where the first three trains were all going to Queens Park, at blank, blank and blank minutes time. In the end, the first train came up being 1 minute away, which then took 4 minutes to arrive.

I probably wouldn't have minded, but upon getting to Oxford Circus and being told that there was "A good service on all lines", the first westbound train was 5 minutes away, which - 7 minutes later was then showing "3 minutes". 3 minutes later, it was STILL showing "3 minutes" when the train pulled in and left - the indicator board sitll showing that it was "3 minutes" away, and the PA still announcing "A good service on all lines this morning".

And whilst I'm in a ranty mood - can anyone tell me what the point is of the stickers that have now appeared in all tube carriages promoting the Olympics saying "Back the bid - text LONDON to 80125" (or whatever the number is) - and that's it!

No reason as to why you should do it, how it will help London's Olympic bid, or what you'll get back on your mobile phone when you do, or how much it will cost you .. so .. what's the point? Has anyone seen one of those stickers and then (whilst underground) thought "Ooh - I know, the minute I get out in the open I must text that number" - no, I thought not.

Right, I'm finished now.

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