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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Festive London Underground Strikes

No signs of them being called off yet

I hadn't reported on the potential tube strike (by the RMT) for New Year's Eve as I was hoping it was going to be averted, but talks yesterday ended with no agreement. I'm sure tube staff who read this blog know where they stand, but there's been a whole round of letters in Metro over the last few days from people getting a tad fed up with all the strike threats. One from the sister of a tube worker who was anti strike and his New Year's Eve plans are going to be cocked up too.

More doom and gloom as there's another set of strikes planned by Aslef on the Piccadilly Line for Xmas Eve and January 5th. Another Metro letter writer summed up very briefly what that potential action is about:

"Let me get this straight - London's public transport will once again grind to a halt because: a) a staff member who made a life-threatening mistake four times was demoted; b) someone doesn't like where they drink their tea; and c) after agreeing to more than eight weeks of holiday, one of the unions is upset that someone else got ten weeks."

So I don't know whether they're all still taking place or not - very confused. The BBC seem to sum up the whole
strike situation the best and I'll try to keep you updated.

Oh and you may well be one of the commuters going on strike on Monday (yes, yes, I did say commuters) - although I can't see that really taking off, but you never know.

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