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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Olympic Train-ing (geddit??!!)

I'm sure Annie won't mind two posts in one day especially as firstly, I haven't posted for a while and secondly, there are cool pictures below!

Yes, it appears that Ken has decided to push the 2012 Olympic bid down our throats even more than before by commissioning a C-Stock train and painting each carriage in different colours. Further, he's replaced all the seats with new yellow ones (which should be nice and dirty by the time the winner is announced) which have "Back The Bid" printed on them and a text number. Finally, in case you hadn't noticed that we're bidding for the 2012 Olympics, they've replaced all the cardboard overhead ads with Back The Bid ones and stuck "Back the Bid" stickers to the insides of the windows.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if LU had instructed the drivers of this train to make annnouncements such as "Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We are now arriving at Edgware Road where this train terminates. All change please. Upon leaving the train please take a good look around at all the publicity for the Olympic bid and text your support to the number printed on the seats."

I had the pleasure (?) of travelling on this train on Saturday evening and I'd seen it earlier in the day at Edgware Road where the outside picture was taken. If you want to see the colours of the other carriages then worry not - I took a video of it leaving the station on my camera and Geoff has kindly hosted it on his website:

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