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Monday, January 17, 2005

Funny airport announcements & Creep

Do the tube drivers have some competition?

Back from Geneva yesterday and you'll be pleased to learn I didn't break anything in the first ever time I was on skis. We had the pleasure of flying with EasyJet whose uniforms make the Tube uniforms look like they were designed by Stella McCartney. However, we had one of the flight attendants who was full of jolly japes and announcements throughout the flight home. We were actually 15 minutes early landing at Luton and our wag of announcer said:

"You'll be pleased to know that your flight is landing 15 minutes ahead of schedule. doubtless you will late on other flights, so please feel free to use this as a credit for the future."

The only other good thing about this flight (apart form the price) were a couple of articles in their inflight magazine. There was a lengthy feature on buskers on the Paris Metro and a more relevant to us a review of a film called Creep which is coming out in the UK on the 28th January.

I remember blogging briefly about Creep in (
February last year) when Sheriff Ken's paper The Londoner reported a bit about the making of it. Basically, it's the story of a woman who falls asleep on the Tube, finds that she's missed the last train when she wakes up and the station is locked. Cue a creepy train which she boards and then she meets a load of psychos and weirdos and it's a Brit flick horror with lots of running aruond Tube carriages from the sounds of it.

A viewer's IMDb review Creep wasn't too hot, but hey, funnily enough I like this sort of thing:

"Run Lola Run meets Halloween with a touch of Jeepers Creepers on the underground. And on a budget. A patchy schlocker with a smattering of tension but no real scares"

There is a trailer for Creep here and the meticulous Hwyel Williams from the Hidden London Underground Stations website has done an analysis of the frames featured in the film trying to locate precisely where each shot was taken. Those who like that sort of thing can see his full analysis here.

From Hwyel Williams site

By the way, doesn't her skirt look like it was made out of the upholstery of the Olympic bid Tube trains seats?

I'd be quite interested in seeing the film myself as we haven't had a film based primarily on the Tube since Sliding Doors and Tube Tales. If anyone fancies coming along with me, let me know - I'll see if my partners in crime Geoff and Neil and others are up for it too.

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