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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Here is the news

We've all had the annoyance of having someone read our newspaper over our shoulder. Once, on an overground train, I even had someone trying to read my magazine that I was looking at, but recently I've been getting more annoyed about people who 'steal' your newspaper the moment they think you've finished with it.

This morning coming up the District Line, I get to Fulham Broadway. I've finished reading my copy of one of the more popular daily tabloids, and tuck it away between myself and the glass partition. It's squeezed in next to me. Tightly. It's in my personal space still. I close my eyes, and nod off.

The next thing I feel is someone tugging at it, and as I open my eyes there's a middle aged woman leaning over from the seat oppposite pulling at it!

"Do you mind?" I say with some indifference. "But you've finished with it!" she exclaims, and so taken aback by her perseverance (she's still tugging away at it), I let her have it.

Surely you should at least wait until the person had stood up, or even got off the train before you take their paper? What is the correct 'tube etiquette' on taking someone elses reading material?

I've decided I'm going to print out some signs that say "I'M TOO CHEAP TO SPEND 30p ON MY OWN PAPER", and stick them on the back, so that hopefully they'll hold the paper up as they read the inside, and the rest of the carriage can see it...

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