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Thursday, January 13, 2005

How to stop crime on the London Underground

You do wonder about the Tube sometimes

Certain stations on the London Underground get a lot more violence and anti social behaviour than others. So what do the Tube think is the best way to stop or lessen this. More police? More CCTV? Private security guards? Dogs? Guns? No it seems to be classical music.

In one of the articles where you think someone at the Evening Standard has been spending the afternoon on drugs, we learn that playing classical music on the Tube is enough to send thugs off screaming, holding their ears, saying "No More Pavarotti, I can't stand it."

The Standard wrote: "LU used the music at Elm Park station, on the eastern end of the District line, where gangs were hanging around and assaulting staff and passengers. A spokeswoman said: "The theory behind it is that the youths were unfamiliar with this type of music and didn't like it. They certainly didn't like Mozart or anything by Pavarotti. The gangs just disappeared."

Goodness knows who came up with this theory on the Tube - it sounds like something out of Monty Python.

But I wonder if this work on other types of crime? Are people with classical music playing ringtones less likely to have their mobile phones nicked? Should your car alarm play Vivaldi?

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