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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Did anyone see Subway Stories - Tales from the Underground?

The New York Tube Tales

I don't know why some really good films get put on in the small hours of the morning, but last night at 1.40am - ITV1 (well the Carlton region) decided to show the American forerunner of Tube Tales. Ten short films based on true stories from the New York subway. HBO asked people to come up with these stories and thousands of people got back. Time Out magazine did the same with the Tube. Like Tube Tales each of the short films in Subway Stories Tales from the Underground had a different director (including Jonathan Demme) and a great cast including Gregory Hines, Anne Hecht, Rosie Perez, Dennis Leary and Christine Lahti.

It was nice to see that the subway in New York has similar stories and predicaments that we have. Overcrowding with a guy comically trying to force himself into an full carriage and "luckily" finding an empty carriage - there's no good reason why a carriage would be empty and he soon finds out why.

Some "love" on the subway, with a couple of strangers getting intimate around the pole in the middle of the carriage. Tramps and beggars with their scams (or not), if a scam is outed, but then the honesty of the person who outed is brought into question, what happens next?

A woman getting stuck "Creep" style on a subway with a pretty similar ending to Creep.

The helplessness of someone, watching a potential suicide or "one under" from the other side of the track.

A young girl getting her own back on some tube drunks.

Whether or not you should listen to the advice of someone you see in the subway every day, specially when you can see their "fortune telling" coming true.

Catch it if it comes out at some more socialable hour - although admittedly I taped it last night and watched it this afternoon.

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