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Saturday, February 12, 2005

London Bridge is falling down...

It's every expert Tube Challengers dream to know the complete tube system like the back of his or her hand without having to refer to notes and maps all the time, which is what I'm slowly starting to do and why I spent half an hour on way home familiarising myself with the wierd layout of London Bridge station yesterday evening. The quickest way to change between the Northern Line and the the Jubilee lines by the way is not the way that LU want you to go by following the signs!

Anyway, it meant that I also got to witness a 20 minute period of delay where there were no northbound trains on the Northern, due to a failed train that had started at Kennington, and had had problems closing its doors at Elephant and at Borough.

Cue: A platform heaving full of disgruntled people trying to get back to fashionable north London on a Friday night, and lots of bored looking travellers with huge suitcases wondering why our tube system can sometimes be so crap.

So hats off to the SA (couldn't see his name badge, but was a dead ringer for Crystal Palace striker Andy Johnson), who kept everyone calm, and when he finally announced that the next stopping train was at Borough and would be here in two minutes, a suited businessman shouted "Hurrah!" quite loudly, the whole platform chuckled, and the SA commented that "It was nice to see that some people still had a sense of humour". Oh bless.

So I watched that train go through, then the next one, and then the next one by which time the platform was quite clear, and Andy Johnson started eyeing me suspiciously wondering why I hadn't got on a train yet, and so I scurried over to the southbound platform and went home ...

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