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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Olympic Training (part three)

Olympic Sholympic

You can't fail to open a paper or listen or watch news at the moment without knowing that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are in town right now checking out London's chances of getting the Olympic bid. Today was their
first visit on the Tube where they had a trip to the Millennium Dome on the Jubilee Line. This obviously isn't going to give them a typical day out on the Tube as the JLE is actually quite nice, clean and reasonably efficient. (Sheriff Ken "I'm not anti semetic" Livingstone has said: "My nightmare scenario is that we all get on a Tube and it breaks down.")

Top cartoon from today's MetroInteresting that when they travel to Wembley and Wimbledon they'll be going by coach - What's wrong with the District Line????? And the wonderful Metropolitan Line? Or perhaps these will just add to their original views that our transport system was "often obsolete". Anyway, if we do get the bid we've been promised all sorts of wonders to the transport system so athletes can spend time "competing not commuting". Lord Coe is slightly deranged if he thinks athletes would rely on any form of public transport to get to an event - unless they gave themselves at least an hour longer than need be.

Some of the promised transport improvements include:

�1billion spent on the East London Line
Longer Jubilee Line Trains
Northern Line upgrades
Tubes running until 2.30am every day of the Olympics
Connecting services allowing visitors to reach the Olympic Park (in Stratford) from 309 stations

I'm not holding my breath.

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