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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Canary Woolf

Next tube in 26 minutes?

You probably know I use the DLR each day and just as you come down to the entrance to the line from Bank, there's a massive sign which proudly boasts that there's trains running to Canary Wharf every five minutes. I only need to go one stop so it's pretty immaterial to me how many trains go to Canary Wharf as I can get any train. The platform indicator said the next train was bound for Lewisham in 4 minutes. After three minutes passed it changed its mind (if platform indicators have minds) and the next train was one for Canary Wharf in 26 minutes.

We all piled on and the driver (yeah, yeah, I know there aren't drivers on DLR trains), train operator or whatever ever the official term is for people who work on the DLR, said rather wryly "This is the Canary Wharf train and hopefully we will be leaving sooner than in 26 minutes".

It hung around for a minute or so and then started to leave and stopped. DLR guy then sighed over the tannoy "To whoever has their bag in the doors, please just pull the bag out of the doors, so we can leave in less than 26 minutes. It's simple isn't it? Yes? No? Yes?" (I think he was related to either Marjory Dawes or Geoff). He was having a bad day, but we finally left.

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