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Friday, April 15, 2005

Dancing beans and rasta hats

Two mysteries to be unfolded

I should have put a "bollox to all this, I'm off to ExCEL" message on the blog as from Wednesday I was off at the London Marathon Exhibition until Saturday, so no time to blog properly. However, I wanted to leave you with two requests/puzzles (and Geoff is kindly keeping you all entertained while I'm otherwise engaged).

Following the Tube's announcement that new uniforms are being introduced over the coming months (blogged last
Thursday), I found out that 100 to 150 Rasta hats are also being produced in the new Tube colours and material. But has anyone ever, ever seen a Rasta station assistant or even driver for that matter? Anyone? And if you have where?

Also there's apparently another London Underground Quiz doing the rounds. I've not been able to find it on t'internet, but someone emailed me to say:

"I am doing a quiz which features forty questions leading to underground stations as answers. I have completed thirty nine but I am stuck on the last one. Some of the clues feature in your on-site Tube quiz but any help with the following would be greatly appreciated.

�Site of dancing beans�

My nearest guess is Bounds Green but it does not really fit."

I'm way too tired at the moment to think of this for more than five minutes, but I'm sure someone out there has the answer.

Off to bed now - early start followed by another 12 hours on my feet smiling at people.

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