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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

District Trauma

I have to say, that as a somewhat seasoned tube-traveller, it probably pissed me off me more that most when I don't make a smart move on the tube and miss my train. But it's not my fault when LU don't help your case either.

Coming home last night on the District, there appeared to be no Edgware Road - Wimbledon service, even though there were no announcements that anything was wrong, and the 'Good Service' signs were all in place.

I ended up taking a Circle Line train to High St. Ken which is rapidly become my least favourite station, all due to the confusing and mysterious Platform 4 from which Olympia trains sometimes arrive at, and leave from.

That's right four platforms (Have a look for it next time you're there!), which is really unobvious as it's tucked away hardly signposted at all. In fact, there's a big permament sign that says "All Olympia Trains Leave from Platform 3". Next to that there's a changeable sign that lights up saying "Next train to Earl's Court leaves from platform..." and tells you which platform.

Well last night, about me and 20 other people thought we'd been clever by thinking that we'd get the Olympia train from Platform 3 to take us round to Earl's Court, only to then realise and see that it left from Platform 4 - the train beside us.

Getting to Earls Court then involved getting the next Circle Line train to Gloucester Road instead, and then a westbound District, where - ironically - a train then came down from Edgware Road heading for Wimbledon. I was just about to get on it when a train came in on the adjacent platform also going to Wimbledon. Oh no - not this again! The old "Which one will win the race to the signal" dilemma, which I've lost before.

I took my chances and opted for the non-Edgware Road train. I got on and sat down, to be then vaguely aware of a guy talking loudly to a station assistant on the platform. I think he was probably berating him about the lack of Wimbledon service, and why he didn't know which train was going to leave first.

The guy (a Travelling Worker on A Train, or 'TWAT' for short) got on the the train and ... "Yeah, and you're an igorant bastard" he said back to the SA, who then seemed to politely reply with something I didn't catch. "Ah.. don't be such a fucking wanker" said Mr. Twat which made everyone in the carriage look up at him.

I left it a couple of stops and then took a candid photo of Mr Twat-man. Anyone know who he is? I just wondered. He got off at Southfields.

At least our train 'won' the race though, despite leaving Earl's Court a couple of seconds later. We got to Wimbledon first, althought I missed my South West Trains connection by three minutes, and had to wait almost half an hour making me much later than normal getting home. I didn't swear at anyone though...

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