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Monday, April 11, 2005

Dust, anyone? Dust? Dust?

Dust closes Waterloo & City Line.

Had a slightly convoluted journey this morning as I heard on the radio before leaving home, that the Waterloo & City was closed. I hoped that by the time I had arrived at Waterloo that it would have re-opened, but nah, no such luck, it was still closed. However, the board had the slightly worrying sign outside saying that it was closed due to "Dust".

I wondered quite how much dust would have to be on the tracks or whatever, to close the actual line down (admittedly the line is only a small piece of track running between Waterloo and Bank). A few weeks ago I had been sent an anonymous "in the public interest" email which in a nutshell talked about dangerous levels of pollution and asbestos and other nasties found on the Waterloo and City line. The anonymous person had apparently sent the report to me and other London bloggers and sites to bring it to the public eye.
I didn't blog it at the time as I thought it was a bit weird and possibly the long report was an elaborate (but dull) wind-up.

But now I'm not so sure. Searches on t'internet reveal nothing (apart from a pretty old story on the Beeb). But they wouldn't as the report I was sent was supposed to be "leaked" or not for the public eye. Has anyone else heard anything about dust levels on the Tube - or have the fluffers gone on strike on the Waterloo and Shitty Line? Our resident dust expert Anthony Smith will surely have something to say about this.

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