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Monday, April 25, 2005

Smelly Tube, Smelly Tube, What are they feeding you?

Tube Smells

A request from Neil Lee which hopefully someone will know the answer to:

I don't suppose you know why the Jubilee line smells of manure? I always travel from Paddington to Southwark, and its not particularly nice.

I would like to ask the same question of the East London Line from Shadwell to Canary Wooolf - the very few times I've had the pleasure of travelling on it, the carriages themselves stink of urine or something else really gross. Why is it just these bits of the Tube that smell?

Years ago there was an experiment to waft pleasant smells through the Underground system - "a fresh, watery floral bouquet of rose and jasmine combined with citrus top notes. Tiny touches of fruit and herbs give way to strong woody accents and a hint of sweetness in the base." or something to counteract the "interesting collection of odors in stations, reflecting all aspects of London life, some nice, some not so nice.". Apparently it worked better in Paris. The London Tube fragrance called "
Madeleine" was introduced at St James Park, Euston and Piccadilly stations on 23rd March 2001. It was taken out of action on 24th March 2001 as it was making people feel sick. Pity.

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