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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Theydon Bwaaaas

"I think LU should promote it more", I wrote the other day when commenting on how they hadn't made much about the fact that off-peak and after 7pm, the most you'll pay for an Oyster Prepay single is just �2.

So I was pleasantly suprised when I saw a specially written sign telling people just that - the fact that it would be cheaper for them to get an Oystercard.

And where did I see this ... King's Cross? Oxford Circus? Victoria? One of the many busy and bustling hubs of the tube? No! At Theydon-bleeding-Bois, many miles out of town on the Central Line in the depths of Zone 6.

I went there for two reasons. One because, being say to me "Oh so you've been everywhere on the tube then" (world record holder 'n' all that), and whilst, yes, we've been through every single station, I've never got out at a lot of them to see what's there!

So after meeting
Quin Parker when doing his Zone 6 thing last weekend, I felt the urge on my day off to travel out to somewhere that I'd never got out at before, and Theydon Bois was just that station.

And I'll tell you this .. there's not much there! Except a car park, and a country lane, oh and the cute station itself, along with the ticket seller eyeing me up suspiciously as to what I might be doing there on a drizzly Friday afternoon.

As part of my on-going quest to make a note of a carriage/door position for every single station (Fifth carriage, third door down going north if you're interested) I made a note of that as well, took a couple of photos, and then scooted back into town.

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