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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bags of fun

What happens when an apparantly un-owened bag gets reported to LU staff? Can any of those of you that read this explain?!

Going home last night I found myself on the eastbound platform of the Central Line at Oxford Circus, and spotted this - a bag seemingly owned by no one just sitting there.

So I had the "Do I ignore it, or report it" dilemma (but took a photo of it so that I could blog it!), and had decided to ignore it and was merrily making my way to the Bakerloo line platform when a wave of guilt hit me thinking "Well supposing it IS more than just someones old bag of stuff" and despite the fact that there are big cheery posters telling you to report these kinds of things - I still felt like I was a bit silly reporting what was a harmless bag of crap when I made like a good citizen and reported it to the nice SA up at the barriers.

"Thanks" he said, "I'll get it investiagted" and was then momentarily phased when I showed him my picture of it that I had on my camera.

I sped down to the Bakerloo to get the train home, but just wondered who or what would have actually investigated that bag in incidents such as this. Would he have looked at it himself? Got the station supervisor to do it? Or asked the Transport Police?

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