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Friday, May 20, 2005

Late night nutter

Shut your legs

Coming back from a free
Faithless rave last night (fantastic evening, free booze, free gig what more could a girl want), I was on one of the last trains from Piccadilly Circus. It was one of those carriages where there weren't two spare seats next to each other, but I motioned to my friend to sit in the seat opposite, but for some reason she preferred to hover by the door. So into the seat oppososite comes tall grey suited man with an umbrella who sat with his legs as wide apart as his possibly could, and just to complete the picture and add to the laddish pose, popped his small umbrella between his legs.

This cartoon from an old Metro says it all really. The poor girl who was sitting next to him made herself as small as possible and scrunched up against the glass barrier. He was giving her rather.....well....er...strange looks, for most of the journey, so she did well to avoid eye contact and generally ignore him.

Some money fell out of his pocket, probably due to the strain on his trousers with his legs thrust so far apart. So then he pulled the rest of it out and counted it on one of his outstretched legs. There were some crumbs amongst the money, so he decided to eat those. The effect was particularly charming.

Fortunately he got off at Earls Court, but unfortunately the girl sitting next to him got off there too. I only hope he didn't hassle her on the way out.

So come on guys, I know he was extreme, but why the need to sit with your legs open on the tube? It's nothing to do with height cos I've seen short guys do this. And it's not just lads or nutters I've seen a huge number of blokes who feel compelled to sit legs akimbo.

While I'm in moaning mode - earlier in the month I moaned about annoying ring-tones including the hideous Crazy Frog ring-tone, so for anyone who hates them, enjoy this anti crazy frog link (be warned contains strong language)

Finally, good luck to the zone one tube challengers who set off at mid-day. At least it won't be as hot as the day you did it on last year. See you in the pub later.

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