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Friday, May 27, 2005

Quick question?

Northern Line tunnel size

Everyone seems to think I know lots of stuff about the Tube, but I don't really, well not much useful stuff anyway. But I'm sure you can answer this question from my old colleagues:

"We were arguing about the various lines at lunch today and one of the guys started rambling about the Northern line, and how he seemed to think that because the carriages seem smaller to him, the tunnels of the Northern line must be smaller in diameter than those of, say, the Piccadilly or the Central. The rest of didn�t believe him, but who knows......is he right?"

Well is he? I'm off to have a Solero and sit in the garden.

Phew wot a scorcher - part two

Yay - The Standard are able to use their favourite headline


as three tube trains got stuck in a tunnel at Baker Street. It's no laughing matter though really as it is absolutely sweltering today. The Standard report:

There was panic as the trains became jammed near Baker Street when a set of points buckled in the heat. More trains were stuck in a knock-on effect.

Five ambulances were put on stand-by as distressed passengers rang the emergency services from the carriages.
"It was chaos, people were in a real state," said one LU worker.

The ordeal, which lasted up to an hour, came as the temperature in London reached 31.1C - almost 90F - on what is the hottest day of the year so far."

Expect to see lots of station staff running around in very hot uniforms putting up signs about remembering to take bottles of water on the Tube with you.

In the meantime, I think the sun has gone to culture secretary Tessa Jowell's head as she reckons London definitely has the best transport infastructure to cope with the 2012 Olympics. Hmmm, has she travelled on the Tube recently?

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