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Saturday, May 14, 2005

This, that, the other, something else, and a bit more.

My turn to also blog having not done for a while - but no childrens books for me, just a few intruiging things that I'd been meaning to pick up on for a while.

Was at Piccadilly Circus yesterday, so that I could make a note of exactly where the 'secret' stairwell is between the Northbound Bakerloo line platform and the Piccadilly Line platforms, and I can tell you exactly where it is - third carriage down, fourth door back!

Ok, so it's not exactly secret - but from the Bakerloo side there is NO sign that says 'Piccadilly Line' or anything - you have to explore it for yourself. Try it the next time you want to make a swift change from Bakerloo to Piccadilly. If you're coming from the Piccadilly Line, then it's the second carriage, second door no matter which direction you're travelling in! And then up the steps and you'll see it to your right.

Whilst at the station, I also remembered to check out this excellent view - something you don't often see - the two Bakerloo line platforms side by side which you don't normally realise is there because the dividing wall is in the way. And yet walk up to the northern end of the northbound platform and you can look back down upon the southbound.

There were new system maps up and about too, with Queensway nicely crossed out - and I even took in a trip down the Central Line just to make sure the train didn't stop (it didn't), but I did see three confused people stand up to get off ... and then panic a little when the train didn't stop until in a moment of niceness, I told them to change at Notting Hill, go one up to Bayswater and they're in the same place.

The Wembley Park works are obviously still causing confusion as I spotted a whole bunch of these stickers about the place clearing up which train people should get for the Met line.

Also - rather amusingly - I discovered that my work (BBC) pass confuses the Oystercard barriers!

It uses the same technology and the gate reader things you've put a card against it, registers something, but then gives an error 76 (anyone know what that is?). My Oystercard though failed to register the BBC touchpad though for letting me into the building. Pah.

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