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Monday, June 06, 2005

Alexei Sayle on The Tube

Geoffrey the Tube Train and the Fat ComedianNo, this is not a posting of a celeb-spot, but something I've been meaning to mention for the past couple of weeks since I've known about it.

Someone got in touch with me to tell me about the existence of a book called "Geoffrey the Tube Train and the Fat Comedian". Straight up!

It's a rather cheerful colourful childrens book, that 'stars' the comedian Alexei Sayle, and a tube train that is my namesake. Cool or what!

Now I say 'childrens book', because it's big, colourful and has cartoon based drawings and looks like it's going to be for young uns, until you open it up and read things like "Is that Alexei Sayle on that tube train? I think he's a right Wanker!" - you get the idea.

It also introduces us to yet another tube map variation, as Geoffrey the Tube Train runs along what's known as 'The Southern Line' in the book, with station names such as "Porkers Park", "New Stokington" and "Cripps Stafford". No, really!

I hunted for it on Amazon, and you can still buy it although they have no images, but the chap that told me about this was kind enough to scan in some of the stuff. (PS from Annie - it's in abe-books as well, plus see my comments)

I've opted to exclude the picture of a guy who gets his head stuck in Geoffrey's doors, who then deliberately speeds off, decapitating the chap in the process with a nice bloody 'splat' at the end of the platform. Nice! It's a little like 'Creep' (which is now out on DVD this week kids)

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