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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Nice shirt - Where's your ID?

Grrr... I have to have a mini-rant to get this off of my chest. I'm sorry, but I do, and I know that some of you will be able to provide me with the answers to my questions too.

Ever since I got stopped by a "ticket inspector" at Clapham Junction (National Rail) last year - he had no uniform, and no badge - just a bad attitude, I've always disliked it when people demand to see your ticket if it's not clear that they are a ticket inspector.

So call me pedantic, but when I'm on the tube I expect to get my ticket checked either at the barrier by a ticket machine, at the gates by someone in their nice snazy uniform, or perhaps ON a train by ticket inspectors that show you ID.

Where I don't expect to get asked (or not-asked in this case) is on the bend on the corridor at Green Park station at 9am this morning, where about six guys in short white sleeve shirts were all loitering.

And here's my point: They didn't have the 'traditional' LU uniform on, but they weren't plain clothes in civvies either. They looked like airline pilots instead. I really wasn't sure they were ticket inspectors until I'd walked a good few metres right past them (because I'm not going to show my ticket to anyone unless I'm asked) and then one of them had to call me back saying "Excuse me sir! Can I see your ticket please?". And it was said with a tone of disbelief, and a look of disgust that I hadn't stopped and clogged up the narrow corridor some more.

Because of this, he then scrutinised my ticket for longer than you might expect, and looked me up and down a couple of times before seemingly looking disappointed that I had a valid ticket.

So off I went .. down to the Jubilee line .. travelled one stop and changed at Bond Street to the Central line .. up the escalators, turned right into the narrow corridor and - YOU GUESSED IT! About five chaps all standing round in white shirts - not LU uniforms - who turned out to be ticket inspectors, and I had to go through the whole bleeding rigmarole again.

So since when have LU decided to abandon uniforms, loiter in narrow corridors, and expect people to be psychic enough to realise that they're ticket inspectors because they don't say "Can I see your ticket please?". And how many gangs of ticket - sorry - revenue inspectors were out there in force this morning anyway?

Rant over ...

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