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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tube's Tim O'Toole Tells us to Shower

Hygiene advice from Tube Bosses

Perhaps the London Underground should start selling shower curtains againI couldn't make this up. Managing Director of the London Underground has just told commuters to
take a shower before they get on the tube as an attempt to be more considerate during these "sweltering" summer months.

He told LBC's radio station earlier today: �I want to assure people that I only travel by the Tube and I always take a shower, but other than that I would certainly hope that during these summer months when it is very, very, warm and we are pressed very close together that to the extent people can practise personal hygiene it would help us.�

As part of LBC's Considerate Commuter campaign he also believed that Northern Line commuters would be likely to be the most inconsiderate as they clearly have the most to put up with. Loving this cracking soundbite: �Well, I don�t like to brand any of my commuters as inconsiderate but I think it would be fair to say those who are given the greatest challenge by the asset failures pose the greatest challenge to considerate behaviour and right now that would be the Northern line.�

Perhaps the London Underground would be better off giving showers to people when they leave the tube, rather than before they get on. Or better still why not give away anti perspirant or deodorant? Or why not provide some decent air conditioning instead?

Some london underground map tiles good for the shower

BTW on the Considerate Commuter site you can nominate your commuting heroes and villains, no prizes for guessing that currently the commuting villains list is loads longer than the commuting heroes. Villains include the usual suspects of people happily picking their noses oblivious to the rest of the carriage, people putting feet on seats, people putting bags on seats, tube nutters, tube preachers, tube vomiters etc, etc.

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