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Monday, June 13, 2005

What do you read on the tube?

Over shoulder readers

I was on the Waterloo and Shitty line this morning and in the next door but one seat to me a woman was reading a book with an intriguing title. It became more interesting when I realised it was a bit risque. Not because she or the person next to her was squirming around, but the book had a large sub-title on it saying "The Number 1 Erotic Bestseller" - it was
100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed if anyone's interested.

I must admit I always get kind of uneccessarily embarrassed if I'm at a raunchy point at any part of a book I might be reading, as I'm always highly aware of people reading over my shoulder (a big no, no as far as Tube etiquette is concerned), but something that I'm sure that everyone's done at some point.

Just after I jumped off the Waterloo and City and onto the DLR the guy opposite me was reading a book called The Art of Deception. So I felt like I was surrounded by wannabe hackers or wannabe well.... er you don't expect to people to be reading erotica on the Waterloo & City Line.

Reading Metro over shoulder

Anyone else reading anything on the tube that I might want to over shoulder read? And what is it about other people's reading material that's sometimes more compelling than your own? I curse the amount of times I craning to read some gossip in Heat or Now or OK or Whatever - or even some ridiculous headline in The Sun or The Mirror, when I've got perfectly good reading material of my own.

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