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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Aftermath continued

Geoff's take on events
Small flower tribute at King's Cross Station - taken by Geoff
Geoff - one of the co-bloggers of this site - actually made the first post about the bombings on Thursday, seemed to be up to similar things to me yesterday, wandering around London and trying to take it all in. He went closer to the explosion scenes than me though and one of his pictures shows some flower tributes put up at a temporary sign at King's Cross. Doubtless this will be filled with flowers in the next few days. Take a look at the rest of his post where he noticed remarkably similar things to me too - loads and loads of take your belongings with you announcements, many more transport police around than normal.

Also as Geoff noted the shift in the news has moved to the people who are still missing. It's hideous that there are still bodies on the train at Russell Square. Rescue crews were hampered by heat, dust and other difficult conditions, and recovery efforts are continuing today.

Association Press photo released by the policeLatest from the police

The police have confirmed that the bombs on the trains went off within seconds of each other, not within a 26-minute span as police earlier believed. Finally, this can put an end to stories about it only being one person racing round the tube network.

Experts from Madrid who worked on the railway bombings there are being flown in to help the police with forensic investigations.

Today the police have also released the photo above which shows the damage to the train which was involved in the terrorist attack at Aldgate tube station.

Number 30 Bus

I went out with a friend last night, who told me that the number 30 bus had actually been diverted because of the earlier disruptions on the subway. She took that bus last night and felt a bit weird, not helped by the fact that a journalist was on board trying to find out how people now felt travelling on a number 30 bus. How are you going to feel? Like everyone else travelling on public transport right now. Incredibly lucky that you weren't on it at the time. Incredibly sorry for the people and the families of people who were. But at the end of the day we all knew that a terrorist attack like this would happen sooner or later. We all knew that London Transport and the London Underground in particular were naturally vulnerable, but that didn't and doesn't stop us from travelling on it in our millions.

More psychos

Some other bunch of nutters - Abu Hafs al-Masri brigade - have also claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Remember the dead and injured

The Government announced that there will be a two minute silence on Thursday 14th July at mid-day.

Red Cross Appeal for London Bombings -image from The Red Cross website
How you can help

Finally for today, if you feel like helping the victims of the bombings and their families, Mayor Ken Livingstone has set up a charitable fund - London Bombings Relief Fund. As Ken says: "We cannot make up for what the victims have lost. But every single thing that can be done will be done.

"That is why I have agreed to establish, with the Red Cross, the London Bombings Relief Fund.

"Your donations will be held in trust to assist by any means the victims of the attack, their families and dependants; and to assist with any other appropriate project that the funds allow."

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