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Monday, August 22, 2005

Brazilian Judges arrive to quiz Police over Stockwell Tube Shooting

And Downing Street Vigil for Jean Charles de Menezes

It's been a month since the police killed de Menezes in a London Underground tube carriage at Stockwell. From the
BBC: "Two senior Brazilian officials are due to arrive in Britain to question the commission investigating the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.......

"Meanwhile, supporters of his family plan a protest vigil at Downing Street." That will be tonight at around 6pm.

CCTV on the Underground working or not?

Also today there are more arguments over whether the CCTV at Stockwell tube was working or not. The Daily Mirror and other press sources report:

"Tapes from CCTV cameras which should have filmed the last moments of Jean Charles de Menezes were completely blank, police have told Tube security staff.

But the transport workers, who fear they could be blamed for the lack of footage showing how the 27-year-old died, insist that their surveillance equipment was working at the time

"although there are pictures of Mr de Menezes entering Stockwell station and going through ticket barriers, there has so far been a lack of film from the scene where the shooting took place......

"A senior transport union official said yesterday: "There is a lot of confusion and my members are concerned that a misleading impression has been given."

If you missed my post about "Who's to blame?" for this tragedy over the weekend you might want to check it out.

BBC interview me

Yep you didn't read that incorrectly, I'm going to be on BBC Radio Five Live at some ungodly hour, 2.10am when only insomniacs, taxi drivers and internet geeks will be awake, discussing aspects of the shooting and mainly the blog's and commenters' reaction to the idea of police being armed on the London Underground. Fortunately it's pre-recorded, so I'll be at the studio much, much earlier than the broadcast time this evening.

I'll try to get a recording of it, and alternatively it is repeated in a podcast for a week, so I'll post up the link of that tomorrow. Wish me luck, I was told with all of the repeats that the audience is likely to be a million. Gulp!

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