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Monday, August 22, 2005

Featured in BBC round up of Blogs on de Menezes shooting

Blog in haste, repent at leisure

BBC have just done a round up of some of the blogs talking about the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and this blog is featured twice - fortunately quite favourably.

The article begins:

"Soon after his death, Jean Charles de Menezes was described by Richard Littlejohn in The Sun as "suicidally reckless". More recently, the columnist has acknowledged that initial reports were inaccurate and turned his derision on the policemen. Mr Menezes was shot a day after the failed London bombings.

On the blogs, we're seeing a more thoughtful response to the same problem. There's a temptation to comment on an event straight away, but it sometimes takes a while for all the facts to emerge

Quoting one of the commenters from this blog the writer Alan O'Connor says:

"policing practice is of course coming in for a great deal of scrutiny. The overall tone is one of sympathy for individual officers, but concern over procedure. Commenting at The London Underground Blog, Ian of Who Knows Where The Thoughts Come From? writes:

"It's a strange contrast between the treatment of the leaker (suspended from work) to the treatment of the assassin (distinctly not suspended; given an expenses paid holiday though). It would make you think that exposing the truth is a worse crime than killing an innocent man."

and later:

"Trust in short supply

And it's not just the police: Annie Mole is one among many highlighting the unreliability of eyewitness statements, which were relied on by the media, including the BBC.

Thanks to everyone who has been making comments on the blog about this whole issue - you never know when those comments will be making the news themselves!

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