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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

London Underground Blog mentioned on CNN News

A number of people now have emailed me to say that they heard about this blog through CNN news - but Rob from
Londonist actually sent me a link to the transcript of the broadcast and what the presenter Abbi Tatton said (scroll down to the bottom of the transcript if you want to see it in situ):

There's some discussion about whether the CCTV cameras at Stockwell were working or not, then:

"ABBI TATTON, CNN INTERNET REPORTER: So, the blogs are outraged about the story, but they're also talking about security on the tube after the bombings and after the shooting that Jackie was talking about that took place last month.

And also the security cameras; the security happening in the tube. This is the London Underground -- Going Underground's blog, run by a blogger called Annie Mole. It's dedicated to travelling on the Tube in London. A Great source of information: Lots of photos, lots of information there. So, this closed-circuit security camera she's talking about, but also, the new ad campaign that's going on in the tube, right now.

Posters are all over the place: "Help us to keep your Tube safe." It's talking about bags, if you see bags, report it to authorities. Now, because of this fear about the bags and the story -- obviously the bombs were in the bags when that happened last month."

Then she carries on talking about the Freedom Bags which I blogged earlier today, but it's interesting that she says:

"There's this new, new charity today that's launched a campaign, FreedomBags.com. These are clear backpacks -- a range of clear backpacks and bags suitable for travel on London transport. Now whether this is going to take off or not, it remains to be seen.

That's from a charity called Assist Safety Project. The reviews are coming in from London Blogger right now. It doesn't look too good. The Londonist at the moment, saying, a new range of security concerns perhaps by having a clear backpack. What if you travel with your iPod and your camera? Seems pretty dangerous to me

However, we all know from Martin's investigations in the post above it's not a charity.

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