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Monday, August 08, 2005

More Tube Fear reported

Today's Metro Momento

According to today's Metro commuters who've been worried about travelling on public transport since the attacks, "are increasingly seeking professional help".

But apparently our wariness of fellow passengers is "a healthy response, according to psychologist Keith Guy an expert in post traumatic stress disorder. He said it would become a problem only when that fear and anxiety started taking over people's lives"

Mr Guy has even compiled a checklist with "tips to help Londoners manage their fears"....."Avoiding situations that make people feel anxious could worsen their stress in the long term".

Maybe it's the carriages I travel in or the times I travel but I can't say I've seen anyone look frightened or wary on the tube since the attacks, or perhaps they are just good at covering it up. I had a bit of a moment last week Monday when we were stuck at Holborn waiting for the train to move on as there had been a problem with the train in front. Normally, I wouldn't have given it a second thought, apart from being a bit riled that I'd be late - but on that day I did begin to think "What if?". A woman next to me was shaking her leg irritatingly but apart from that everyone else looked non-plussed. After five minutes we trundled off and it was forgotten.

However, I can imagine that people who witnessed the bombings or people leaving the sites would be traumatised and totally sympathise with all those people.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Leading on from that Metro have also published a story on 34 year old Dominic Nelder, "Dressed in comedy pinstripe suit, bowler hat and Dr Marten boots", will travel throughout the London Underground from 7am - 8pm "in a bid to ease the tensions that last month's attacks have brought to the Tube".

Dominic Nelder Say Hello, Wave Goodbye Man in Metro

"He asks that as part of the Say Hello, Wave Goodbye campaign that commuters help Transport for London make travel friendlier by simply returning his greetings. the history teacher, who has had 4,000 goodwill responses so far, said he took inspiration from a woman who wept on her first Tube journey after July 7, only to be comforted by a fellow survivor.

'It's to break the anonymity that helps terrorists and to make people feel less awkward'
" the history teacher from North London said. Check out his local paper
The Enfield Independent for more on this.

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