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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sick Tube Game and Sick Football "Fans"

Tasteless Tube Game & Idiotic Football Chants

Screen grab from Tube GameJust learnt of two disturbing things in the last five minutes. Firstly, Geoff emailed me a link to a story in The Sun, where there is an internet game called "Mind The Bomb" - "where virtual suicide bombers blow themselves up on the London Underground.

"In the twisted game - called Mind The Bombs - terrorists have boarded trains and you have to stop them carrying out their missions by defusing the explosives.

"If you fail, the fanatics - shown travelling around the London on the famous Tube map - blow themselves to smithereens just like on 7/7.

"Smoke pours from the carriages and ambulance sirens can be heard in a chilling reminder of the terror attacks which killed 52 people

Sun shock horror hysterics aside - it's a really tasteless idea. In the interests of research I tried to visit the site to find out more about it. (I'm not gracing it with a link you can find it yourself reasonably easily). Firstly there's loads of porn pop ups that greet you, so you know it's going to be a site of good taste. Secondly my browser wouldn't load it, when I refreshed it there was a message across the top saying "Do your part in the war against Terrorism email this FREE GAME to all of your friends, family and associates!" How playing a game like that is in any way doing your bit for the war against terrorism is beyond me.

A spokesperson from the London Underground said : "Anybody involved in the making or viewing of this game would do well to stop and think about that."

Technology site - The Register takes a slightly different view: "We're inclined to agree, although the Sun in its apoplectic state has missed a fundamental point - Mind the Bombs is complete and utter crap. In fact, the only interesting thing about the whole exercise is that a tempting "More Games" link on the site leads straight to listings for online casinos. Naughty, naughty, Mr Fieler (the game's creator)- we wouldn't like to think you are trying to squeeze some cash out of this contribution to the war against terrorism."

Football chants - "You're just a town full of bombers"

Just heard on the radio, that on Saturday, Queens Park Rangers (QPR) fans (based in Shepherd's Bush in West London) were subjected to taunts from Hull fans about the London attacks.

"One QPR fan, called Val, who was at the game, told BBC News: "Suddenly the Hull fans started shouting songs about the London bombings.

"It was really upsetting. We came out of the ground in tears. I couldn't believe it."

Hull's police commander Ch Supt Sean White, said: "I fully agree with the sentiments of anger and disgust.

"We're talking about 30 to 40 shameless cowards who made these chants towards the end of the game. We're just not going to tolerate them.

"We did intervene and made a number of arrests on Saturday. It has brought a great deal of shame to Hull City."

The police are now making an investigation. See the full BBC news feature for more on this.

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