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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Strange Referrals

Don't read this post if you're drinking something

I haven't done this for quite a long time, but most bloggers find it quite interesting to look at their stats and to see what sorts of keyword searches from Google, Yahoo! and the likes, lead people to their blogs. In the main, mine are the ones you would expect - "
london underground" "tube london" "london underground boots" - blah, blah.

However, today some person from North Carolina had typed "women drinking cum from a tube" into MSN's search engine and lo and behind there was my blog the penultimate entry on the first page. Nice!

Which sort of reminds me to say hello and thanks to Miss Fuzzy Bunny - I'm sure she's not into practices of the above type, but it's the most "out there" blog that's added this blog to their blog-roll/list of "worthy" blogs. And - whether or not it's Miss Fuzzy Bunny herself - I get a visitor from her blog on an almost daily basis. My blog is just above Love, Lust & Latex. Cheers Fuzzy!

Back to referrals, from Manassas Virginia, someone has been searching AOL looking for two under age girls and older man and found my blog on page one of the results. Perhaps I had better stop saying "ably assisted by Geoff n Neil" in the header!

Also today I had a person from Houston, Texas, trying to find out "Is Alicia Silverstone a smoker" from Google. This person must have been really determined to find out if Silverstone was or not, as he or she went through ten pages of Google searches before coming to this blog on the bottom of page eleven. Sorry mate, I've no idea whether she is or isn't. I know that she's a veggie and likes The Gate restaurant in Hammersmith and claims to travel on the tube, but that's about the extent of my personal knowledge of the lovely actress.

After those diversions, if you have visited the blog looking for London Underground (ie Tube, travel, transport and subway) related stuff, please read on. Thanks.

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