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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tube Passenger numbers have fallen since July 7th

Transport for London say London Underground passengers have dropped

So it wasn't just me noticing that it was a lot quieter in the West End
last night. I spose because I travel in the morning just outside the rush hour, I've not really noticed fewer people on the tube - well apart from the days immediately after July 7th. Going home at around 6.30 at night the tube to me seemed as crowded as normal. Perhaps it's not really that commuter numbers have dropped, but more of the effect on tourists.

In an article in Media Week - Chris Townsend, Group Marketing Director at Transport for London, says the fall in numbers is also due to "the summer holidays and the fact that the network is not running at full capacity".

Metro also echoed this view today reporting that officials said the drop in passengers is related to fewer trains running.

However, The Economist quite rightly report that we will all learn to live with it and expect passenger levels to increase again. "Andrew Evans, of the transport research unit at Imperial College, says people often declare they will never return to a network that has suffered a calamity. But most soon do so." Apparently, the exception was the King's Cross fire in 1987 but "Even then, passenger numbers fell below expectations by just 6% in the first year and returned to normal within three years."

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