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Friday, August 05, 2005

What's in your wallet?

Oystercard / Travelcard wallet contents exposed

I only wish that this was my idea, but the wonderful Anne Marie Maningas from
version-3-point-1 decided to expose her Oystercard wallet on her blog and list the huge amount of contents that were in it. When you see the thickness of it compared to an A-Z you'll know there's a lot in it.

Anne Marie's Oystercard wallet

Anne Marie's Travelcard wallet contents

What a brilliant idea, I wonder what's in mine? I thought. Well, the outside is pretty well worn:

My Oystercard wallet

The inside is below, some things I've not photographed as they are personal business cards - six business cards to be precise, including one of my own from a very old job.

Contents of my Oystercard wallet

The worrying thing is how fixated with the latter part of 2004 I seemed to be:

2 British Rail credit card receipts dated Nov and Dec 2004
1 Return ticket to Guildford - dated Dec 2004
1 single London Underground ticket to Tooting Broadway - dated August 2004 - complete with doodles TOOTING BDY looked like TOOTING BOY to me, so I wrote TOOTING GIRL underneath (how sad's that?)
1 Gatwick Express ticket - dated Nov 2004 (when I came back from Goa)
My annual Student Travelcard (How did you get one of those? you ask. Well I was a student for some part of the academic year)
My Student photocard
An Underground map for Zone 1
A business card from someone who works for London Underground with a handy Tube map on the back

You'll be pleased to know I've now thrown all the 2004 tickets away. Any further analysis is welcomed.

Try the exercise yourself, again you'll find it's therapeutic or maddening - if you want to blog the results or photograph & flickr them or simply list them, put them in the comments below and then we can all analyse each other.

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