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Monday, September 19, 2005

Shiver me timbers it's a Monday teaser

Tell me this me hearties - what London Underground station be this?

In honour of "
International Talk Like a Pirate Day"! I'm going to pose today's teezer in, using my pirate language.

This ere poster was spied on the Londoninium's tube last week. If you strain ur eyes, you will spy, in the poster for the fine mystery tome below, a station from one of this fair City's finest underground system.

Vanishing Point poster featuring a tube station

But which one be it? Submit your answer in the comments below, me hearties. You are allowed one guess only (apologies to the Geezer of the Diamond who uses this rule for his fine teezers).

Shiver your timbers!

UPDATE - 20th September - Station Revealed

Westminster Station used on the cover of Vanishing Point

Well, all of you who said Westminster give yourselves a massive pat on the back.

Like Mecca and Rob, I originally thought it was Canary Wharf myself and to be perfectly honest when I posted it I didn't know the correct answer. As so many of you were guessing Westminster, I thought "Well it's got to be that hasn't it?". So I nipped off to Westminster on the way home last night and tried to take a picture (above) from pretty much the same spot. The giveaway I think is the markings on the column and if you look at the closeup from the cover that Rob found you'll see they match the ones above.

So well done all, I might do another one of those teasers in the future as there are loads of generic tube scenes featured in ads and it would be interesting to locate them exactly!

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