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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Time Out Underground London special this week

Great Tube pictures and subterranean tales

Many of you have probably seen these eyecatching posters for Time Out which went up on the London Underground earlier this week

Time Out Cover - Underground Special

Well if you buy this week's you won't be disappointed. There's some cool archived pictures of people sleeping on the underground in the 2nd World War and a picture of The Hole in the Wall station platform pub that I'd blogged about a month ago

Hole In the Wall Platform Pub in Time Out

Nice to see that themanwhofellasleep has a regular section now with his supposedly "overheard conversations on the tube" specially as I've been plugging him on my main site for years now.

Plus a very interesting article by Nicholas Royle about why we are drawn to the underground things including the tube. "the subterranean world is attractive because it is hidden. Eternally shut off from the light of day, it has the allure of mystery. The underworld - tube spaghetti, brick sewers, caverns, bunkers, and catacombs (all featured in detail in other parts of the magazine) - is an almost infinite labyrinth, like the mind. Going underground offers us an unrivalled opportunity to confront ourselves. Whose, after all, is the only face we may rightfully stare at while travelling through a tunnel underground? Our own, reflecting in the window across the carriage"

Time Out is out today in Greater London or can be downloaded online here £ 2.35 for the download of a single issue which is actually cheaper than the cover price of £ 2.50. (Download for PC's only)

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