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Monday, September 12, 2005

Update from Tami our New Orleans Tube Cop

Tami Brissett back in the thick of it in New Orleans

Some of you may be wondering what happened to
Tami Brisset the New Orleans police captain who took part in Tube Relief a few days before Hurricane Katrina struck her home town and left her "stranded" in London with no idea where her son and sister were. Fortunately all of Tami's family have been found - blogged here

Well the latest is that Tami is back with her police squad and she send this message to us all:

"I am now in the Emergency Operations Center for the NOPD. This is the Command Center for the New Orleans Police Department. Everything pretty much goes thru here. I am doing fine. This is a life changing experience for sure. I slept in a garage on the concrete for a while and now I have a cot. The city is so eerie looking with all the destruction. The water is still high in most parts and I can't even imagine what it will look like when it is all drained.

The heat is still in the 90's and the smell is something that you want to forget. People are still be rescued from their homes and many have died but they believe that the toll may not be as high. Thank God for that at least. I feel so bad for those who have missing family members because I was in their shoes just a sort time ago.

The city is full of military assistance and we are trying to get supplies in to live. Over 80% of the department has lost their homes and many have only the clothes on their back. We are police officers attired in shorts, jeans, t shirts, etc. Whatever we can find.

We are in the process of finding accomodation for our police officers and it appears as though we will have residence in a cruise ship which will be docked on the river. This will house police and their families. I won't house my family there because Joshua is in Florida going to school and Fred is still in Texas. My family is doing fine and my niece is about to have her baby. She has no electricity but uses a generator when they can.

I miss the most simple things such as cold milk, salad, a real bathtub, a hot home cooked meal on glass plates, and music. It is so weird not having the creature comforts. However, we have it much better than some of those poor people who have nothing.

I don't know how long we will be living like this. I work 24 hours a day and only leave this compound for a shower. I get to sleep a few hours during the night when I don't have a call. I hope to get into a regular routine soon. (Whatever routine is now.)

If you get a chance go to nola.com or wwltv.com and you can check out some of the photos. They are heart wrenching.

Jenny signs Tami's mapI wanted to let you know that the airport must have removed my tube map from the PVC in my suitcase. I didn't have it and also I had someone check with my friend and it was not with him. What a loss! I will now have to do the tube challenge all over again! LOL. I miss you guys and read the blogs as much as I can to catch up. I devour everything I can get to get my mind and heart back there where I felt safe. It is funny how people were concerned about me coming to London because of the bombings and little did they realize that I would almost escape our own horrors.

Tami at the end of the Tube Challenge at UpminsterPlease keep in touch and thanks for the prayers and support. I told my husband that if I get money for insurance I would just rather come back and stay in the UK. Maybe I could get a job on the underground!!!

If you thought I looked like "faeces" in the photos before you should see me now

As usual Tami keeps up her incredible spirit, strength and sense of humour. She's an inspiring lady!

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