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Monday, September 05, 2005

Yet another "How safe do we feel on the Tube" piece of research

Metro - Feature on Tube Travel since London's attacksAccentuate the negative (apologies to Bing Crosby)

You almost know what the article in today's Metro is going to say before you start reading it. "We asked 1,674 commuters how they felt about travelling on the London Underground since the attacks - of those polled 17% said they had thought of leaving London at some point....." blah, blah.

However, let's look at Metro's research from a positive point of view rather than the newsworthy negatives. 38% of the 1,674 Londoners surveyed felt "Low" fear levels in terms of commuting in central London and 44% felt "Medium" fear levels. 57% of people did not make a point of looking at their fellow commuters for any suspicious behaviour (although they were more aware of their fellow commuters - a good thing in my books - why should we all be oblivious of each other on the Tube?) Fortunately 80% of people said "No" to the ridiculous question - "Have the attacks made you think about leaving London permanently within the next year? " (I was pleased to see this tallies with the majority of people who answered the "Signs you are a Londoner" quiz below, who poo pooed the idea of leaving London when they got married - a common occurance).

Londoners are getting back on the Tube. We're even getting blase (possibly not a good idea). When I got to Bank station this morning there was a Somerfield carrier bag on a platform seat, which looked like it had some sandwiches or food in it. I almost sat down on it in fact. Someone was sitting next to it. Other people walked past it. None of us did anything about it. Christ knows how I would be feeling now, if something had been in the bag, but at the time, I (and my fellow commuters) really didn't give it a second thought. Lack of fear? Stupidity? General London attitude? You tell me - but certainly a sign that things are getting back to normal.

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