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Friday, October 21, 2005

London Underground Fashion Victims - week two

Back by popular demand

People seemed to enjoy the
Tube Fashion victims so much that I'm going to try to make it a regular feature. This week there was a huge amount of material, but I've just selected some of the best.

Orange is so last year

OK Hare Krishna people are an easy target - the orange robes, the weird hair cuts, the bare feet, or sandals with socks in the winter. All too 1960's and peace and love. I saw them yesterday outside Oxford Circus Tube - I remember being really frightened by their haircuts as a kid and even now they're still scary!

Hare Krishnas outside Oxford Circus Tube Station

The Ballet look gone mad

I have no idea what this woman was trying to achieve with her mis-mash of clothes. Saw her on Wednesday night on the Piccadilly Line.

Fishnets, Ballet Skirt and Gold Sandals

Ballet style skirt, brown fishnets and gold sandals with fook off high heels. Also loving the slightly blokeish way she is sitting. Doesn't do the sexy fishnet look any favours.

More Gold for the Chavvy Colleen McCloughlin look

So don't like this gold belt and white boot combo. It's sort of like a 1970's wrestler being styled by Jade Goody.

Gold Belt White Boots

The Aladdin Look

Now I can't go too mad with this woman on the District Line, as she was quite old, so she gets good marks for the trendy brightly coloured carpet bag, but it's not helped by the very hideous skirt she is wearing with it. What set off the whole ensemble was her brass teapot on the seat next to her. I thought she was going to rub it and a genie would appear.

Blue Bag and Teapot

Another Aladdin look below. Those Asian sequinned slippers are "in" at the moment, but I think this lady's turned up a bit too much at the toes:

Aladdin Shoes

Possibly the world's worst jacket

Seen at Leytonstone station last Saturday. What in heaven's name was this man thinking of? Why did anyone let him leave his home like that?

Vile Offwhite Jacket

Old Snake Hips is Back

Yet another item that defies description. Seen on the Central Line. Snakeskin trousers.... I am speechless

Snakeskin Trousers, How very......?

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